With 14 years of pure organic growth and no external investors, Maximus is now the only privately owned major UK based Out-Of-Home advertising company. 

Originally formed as a premium billboard developer specialising in City centres, we have since grown to become the market leader in mega sites across the UK, with an ever-expanding network that includes some of Europe’s most iconic locations.

Our heritage in new billboard site development is the foundation of our business and stems from landlord relationships that include all sectors of the property market including funds, public companies, government agencies and private landlords.

Through delivering time after time we have built a reputation for excellence and from this we have gained the trust of many of the World’s largest companies who we are proud to name as our clients. This unique position gives us access to an unrivalled portfolio of property enabling us to provide some of the best locations and networks for advertisers to showcase their brands to the world in a truly memorable way.