Max Impact

Maximus are proud to present to the UK market a new and exciting mega banner in one of Out-of-Homes most demanded areas, Hackney. It is where high art and edgy innovation meet beyond the borders of its neighbours in Hoxton and Shoreditch.

Located in a prime spot on the busy junction of Cambridge Heath Road and Bishops Way and positioned directly opposite the entrance and exit of Cambridge Heath train station, makes for one of East London’s most desirable Mega Banners.

The site stands 10 metres high by 6.5 metres wide owning the urban street scene. It is positioned facing the oncoming traffic from central London through to the City and Old Street. This means that the 65 square metres of canvas doesn’t just dominate the area but directly impacts the busy commuter traffic heading through London.

Behind the Scenes

Situated on a busy junction and being the first impact when you exit the train station means this location not only delivers a busy vehicular audience, but excellent footfall too. The number of traffic lights at this junction means that advertisers will benefit from dwell times in excess of 2 minutes and visibility of over 100 metres from a number of directions.

There are plenty of reasons why Hackney has become one of London’s most fashionable postcodes, being just moments from Victoria Park. More than just a park it has hosted Love Box and Citadel festivals. The area is quirky, scruffy and hip with a diverse nightlife, bar and food scene complemented by Hackney’s shops and ultra-cool markets. For east London’s fashionably attired food-lovers, there’s no better Saturday destination than Broadway Market; quaint cafés, pubs and indie music shops line the streets bringing in residents from across London.

‘The Hackney Banner’ offers a rare and unrivalled opportunity to reach one of London’s most desirable audiences with an unmissable visual impact.