King’s Cross to Islington

174 Pentonville Road, Kings Cross, London, N1 9JP

Max Impact

Maximus are proud to present an exciting Mega Banner where Kings Cross meets Islington. Pentonville Road is famous as one of London’s key roads as a continuation of London’s main artery from East to West (A501), measuring just 0.7 miles and specifically linking Kings Cross to Angel, Islington. The Pentonville Road was originally built to connect the City of London to the Western Suburbs. Today it is a key arterial road, busy with both traffic and pedestrians alike. The road set up means cars can only travel east-bound towards Islington ensuring that all vehicular impacts on this busy stretch of road are directly head-on. The Mega Banner sits directly above a set of traffic lights, meaning advertisers benefit from long dwell times in excess of 3 minutes at rush hour with visibility of over 50 metres, giving an impressive and impactful brand communication above the day-to-day traffic. With a head-on location the banner offers pure impact, forming an impressive creative canvas which dominates the area. Those who know Kings Cross & Islington know this area has few out-of-home opportunities with real poster scarcity making this Mega Banner a truly desirable proposition. Delivering a diverse audience of London’s trend setters, tech-savvy entrepreneurs and affluent families, the Kings Cross to Islington Mega Banner will quickly become one of London’s most desirable Mega Banners.

Behind the Scenes

King’s Cross is currently undergoing the largest and most exciting redevelopment in London. The area has a rich history and a unique setting. What was an underused industrial wasteland has been transformed into a new and integral London hub with homes, shops, offices, galleries, bars, restaurants, schools, a University and of course its famous transport interchanges. Thanks to its new reputation as a business and creative hub, Google, The Guardian, Luis Vuitton and media giant Havas having recently moved in, with Universal Music soon to join them. Islington is often referred to as the ‘original London Gentrification’. Now in its second ascension, Islington has consistently been one of London’s most desirable areas over the last 25 years. Islington is the most densely populated borough in the UK showing how popular the area has become.