Leeds Munro House


Located in the heart of the city centre, this hugely impactful site offers a unique and desirable location covering many key demographics.​

Leeds has a firm reputation as a bustling and dynamic city with a strong cultural and business edge. Its vibrant creativity and distinct culture revolve around a lively nightlife scene, numerous world-class theatres, museums, music-arenas and independent boutiques. ​

As the unofficial capital of Yorkshire, over 100,000 people commute into Leeds centre for business, work and pleasure. It therefore succeeds in reaching all demographics across the affluent, trendy and youth sector.

The site is positioned at the key junction of Duke Street and York Street and is surrounded by busy shops, bars, music venues, eateries and independent boutiques ensuring there is a steady flow of pedestrians and vehicular traffic. Our mega banner is located on the front of Munro House, with visibility of 125 meters and numerous sets of traffic lights for exceptional dwell times and impressive impacts. ​

The sheer scale of our mega banner makes this site an exciting option for any media plan.


As well as a rich local history, Leeds is bursting with action, life and energy every day of the week. As the nightlife capital of the north the city centre, in particular the Call Lane bar circuit, is full of small clubs and bars and independent venues.​

Leeds is also known for its impressive retail landscape and our mega banner is situated moments from Victoria Gate Shopping Centre, which sees over 22 million visitors every year, and Kirkgate Market – one of the largest indoor markets in Europe.

With a packed calendar all year round full of festivals, events and sporting matches – Leeds draws in the crowds all year round.

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