Liverpool Central

Max Impact

Located at the beating and buzzing heart of Liverpool, our newest mega banner has an unrivalled position opposite Liverpool Central station. Directly above 2 lanes of traffic, this site boasts high volumes of both pedestrian and vehicular impacts.

Liverpool, over the past decade, has undergone a significant renaissance and become one of the UK’s most exciting places to live and work. Awarded the European Capital of Culture in 2008, the city has a plethora of cultural attractions including music venues, museums, galleries and social hubs that has drawn in creatives, businesses, and music and culture lovers to the city.

Our stand-out mega banner is positioned above the busy Midland pub at the entrance of Clayton Square shopping centre. Directly opposite the busiest station in Liverpool, which sees over 5 million passengers pass through every year, this site guarantees a consistent flow of shoppers, tourists, students and residents as they travel by foot, car and bike around the city.

Behind the Scenes

This lively port city is famous worldwide for its legendary football clubs, rich musical heritage and important industrial history.

In recent years the city has seen a huge amount of regeneration and its economy has grown 15% year on year thanks to vast new shopping and residential complexes, thriving business hubs and a cultural scene that rivals that of London and Manchester.

Famous for its nightlife and popular student haunts, Liverpool’s four universities have attracted a youthful and creative audience that have contributed to the city’s up and coming art scene.

Today Liverpool is a dynamic and exciting place to live. The old and historic docks and city centre have once again come alive and are awash with some of the best and most innovative museums, it’s very own Tate Gallery and of course many live music venues and clubs in the revitalised urban quarter.

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