Manchester Canal Street

Max Impact

One of the most sought after banner opportunities in Manchester city centre: our Canal Street site provides an unrivalled opportunity to target consumers as they enjoy the numerous bars and pubs in surrounding streets.

This site provides a perfect backdrop for the ‘al fresco’ drinking Canal Street is known for, and at 10m x 20m it won’t be missed.

The site benefits from large numbers of pedestrians and socialisers. This well-known area is a hub of bars, restaurants and pubs, creating a vibrant and exciting atmosphere.

Shops and offices nearby also provide a variety of clientele passing through.

Behind the Scenes

Manchester, one of the UK’s largest urban hubs is now ranked as a Beta World City, and is consequently the highest ranked British city except for London.

Its metropolitan economy is the third largest in the United Kingdom and is the third-most visited city by foreign visitors.

This northern powerhouse is notable for its architecture, culture, musical exports, media links, scientific and engineering output, social impact, sports clubs and transport connections.

No national media plan would be complete without Manchester, and now we have the perfect solution with which to deliver this exciting, vibrant city.