Notting Hill Carnival

Notting Hill, London

Max Impact

Since its inception in 1964, the Notting Hill Carnival has grown into one of the world’s most spectacular festivals of music and culture, recognised across the globe. Lasting the entire august bank holiday weekend and winding through three miles of Notting Hill’s famous streets, the parade is flanked by visitors jostling to get a look at the visual feast of exotic floats, magnificent costumes and pulsating dancers. Music is at the heart of the event. Traditional street bands, reggae, calypso and contemporary sounds fill the air for miles around. Alongside the music there’s nothing quite like the mouth-watering aroma of traditional caribbean food cooked at hundreds of stalls lining the streets, adding fuel to the fire of Uk’s biggest event.

We have compiled a package of the finest outdoor advertising sites on and around the carnival route. This opportunity represents the first time that any brand has been able to become seriously involved in the Notting Hill Carnival, enabling them to take dominance and virtual sponsorship of the event. The sites have been carefully selected with outdoor advertising criteria in mind- visibility, location and dwell time. With its diverse, captive, young and fashionable audience, the carnival represents one of the most incredible outdoor media opportunities on the planet!


Key Criteria

2+ million visitors

70+ performing units

40+ sound stages

3+ miles of parade to a captive audience

2nd largest outdoor event in the world

Global TV and media coverage

50,000+ active participants

London’s largest regular public event