The Maximus Hope Project In Action

The Maximus Hope Project is an initiative to help give back to causes we believe have importance and relate to our approach & way of doing business.  We have invested time and resource to help support various companies and we started out with 'awareness for elephants' which you can read about below.  Watch this space for updates on the progress being made.  

The Giants Club

Dr Graham and space for elephants


Dr Graham, is a legend in the elephant world. We support his charity. We are passionate about causes that matter and committed to making a difference when it comes to the environment.  Recently we supported an important cause for elephants by allowing space for elephants who want to live to make sure the message is heard loud and clear. We supported a campaign on our Maximus billboard sites.

We got to thinking that it would be really cool if we could help this cause and get them some visual space on the Elephant & Castle (excuse the pun!).  So we got to work and made this idea become reality in our max care project and today this has become a great partnership.

To read more on the cause, please visit: